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Hello, I’m Vala!

Welcome to my space, where passion for movement and a healthy lifestyle converge. Here’s a bit about my journey and what this platform aims to offer.

From a young age, the exhilaration of gymnastics captured my spirit, leading me to become a former Nordic Champion with @gerplap1 and a European Champion with @womensteam_iceland in Teamgym. This sport was not just a discipline but a canvas where I painted my dreams and pushed my limits. Post my competitive career, my love for movement found a new expression — functional fitness. Currently, I train and coach at, a place where my experiences transform into lessons and motivations for others, helping them shape their goals and redefine their potentials.

Though I've often shared my penchant for handstands, my journey encompasses much more. My Intagram will serve as a window into my world of training, a healthy lifestyle, and a reservoir of tips and tricks for various skills. Expect insights, inspirations, and a lot of movement! For those interested in a more personalized journey, I offer online coaching.

Join me as we explore the world of fitness, push our boundaries, and cultivate a life of movement and balance. Let's embrace the journey together!

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